Featured on The Madonna Tour & in Fashion Bombdaily

Our Core Values

Meet Our CEO


She graduated from St. John's University with a BA in Psychology.  She graduated in 2018 and received her certification degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology in Image Consulting.


Our CEO recently hosted two fashion shows, one of which he recent collection was apart of The Madonna Tour and featured in Fashion Bombdaily.

She was an Assistant Stylist for Fashion in Belmont and a Stylist for  Fashion Week Brooklyn (Automatic Studio) show.  She volunteered to dress models during Bridal week in New York.  She also volunteered at the Chromes & Colitis Charity event.  Lastly, she planned a Women's Empowerment brunch for eighty women. 

Examples of Solutions

She has brought client visions to life in a week for speaking engagements, birthday parties, and vacations.  She loves assisting my client's needs by staying in their desired budgets.  She also help to structure designers ideas for their fashion shows. Welcome to a life-changing experience.